Addiction Treatment at New Found Life

What is addiction treatment for alcoholism or substance abuse?

Rehabilitation is defined as “restoring to a healthy, a good life.” And that is our goal for every resident that stays at our treatment center.  Our residential treatment center is home-style living that offers a structured and safe environment in which individuals can work with clinicians and experts in the field of recovery without life stresses. An environment in which they can “rehabilitate.”  There are various treatment modalities available to those suffering from addiction. At New Found Life, we believe the most effective way to arrest the disease is through a comprehensive program that includes:

Psychiatric care/Dual Diagnosis

At New Found Life we recognize balance in all areas is crucial to recovery. Although chemical dependence is the primary diagnosis for each resident, our psychiatrist is available to evaluate depression, bipolar disease, anxiety disorders and other commonly occurring disorders on an as needed basis.

Individual and group counseling

Sessions and groups with our trained counselors help you to explore behaviors, issues, and personal triggers that have in the past lead to substance abuse.  Through this healing process you can come to terms with these issues and learn how to address them through the 12-steps without the use of alcohol and drugs.

Introduction to 12-step groups

As the cornerstone of our program, you will attend outside 12-Step meetings, meditation, book-studies and in-house meetings as part of your treatment plan. You will also have the opportunity to get a sponsor and take the steps.  Learning how to incorporate a 12-step program into your life is necessary for long-term sobriety.  The outside meetings acquaint you with the fellowship available to you beyond addiction treatment. This is an important element in assisting your transition to life outside the safety and structure of a treatment facility.

A positive and supportive environment

Our homes, located in a beautiful area overlooking the ocean, provide a serene setting that is conducive to recovery.  Our staff, most of whom have personal recovery experience, welcome you to a safe and supportive environment. You can focus on the healing process, knowing that you are not alone and that there are other survivors.  Moreover, Long Beach has an outstanding network of meetings and fellowship, providing additional recovery support.

Education and study sessions

These groups cover many areas of education including: drug and alcohol awareness, health awareness and education, yoga, life skills, assertiveness training, job-search skills, and relationship skills.  The return of your physical well being is only the first step to recovery, and our educational groups round out our treatment services so you can build a foundation for spiritual, psychological and social wellness.

Individual attention

Our facility offers a small and intimate setting to start the process of changing your life.  You will be assigned your own counselor who develops a treatment plan with you and works with you throughout your stay to achieve the goals outlined in your plan.

Progressive personal and group responsibility

As part of New Found Life’s motivational therapy, residents are given opportunities to assume certain responsibilities for their recovery.  This method helps you to develop a new sense of respect for yourself and others, builds self-esteem and teaches the importance of working together to accomplish goals.

Continuing care

We offer continuing care to provide support for you after treatment at New Found Life. This includes weekly process groups, step studies, speaker meetings, and social activities for residents who have completed the program at New Found Life.  Additional counseling is also available.

Family participation

Alcoholism and other drug dependency is an illness that has a profound effect on both the individual and his/her family.  At New Found Life we offer family members an opportunity to learn about the disease, addiction treatment and begin their own process of healing through our Family Forum, meetings and Al-anon.

Footsteps Residential Continuing Care

Our residential continuing care facilities provide an opportunity for residents of New Found Life who need a more extended, but less intensive level of active treatment.  This program is intended to fill a gap between intensive residential treatment and living in a sober living environment or returning home. The goal for our residents at Footsteps is to continue to utilize the tools and skills learned at NFL that will allow them to develop a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Addiction Treatment Services are provided in a supervised homelike atmosphere promoting stabilization and reintegration into the community while also continuing New Found Life’s strong focus on a twelve step program. Residents are invited to live in our continuing care apartments, which are located close to the main center.  Residents can return to work or attend school at this point in their addiction treatment. They may come back to the center to participate in groups, visit with their counselor, dine with the residents, be of service to newcomers, and join in any activities.

Program Services

  • Psychiatric Care
  • Individual & group counseling
  • Education and study sessions on the disease of addiction, substance abuse and relapse prevention
  • Introduction to self help groups, including mandatory attendance at daily 12 step meetings, meditation, book studies and in-house meetings
  • Continuing Care Program
  • Family Program
  • Residential Continuing Care
  • Referrals to specialized counseling for trauma, eating disorders, sexual abuse, anger management
  • Peer problem solving and discussion
  • Assistance in developing skills for independent living
  • Assistance in developing skills for implementing life changes, managing personal growth and reducing/managing stress
  • Assistance in learning to develop healthy relationships
  • Progressive personal and group responsibilities
  • Superior living accommodations
  • Food for three daily meals
  • Laundry facilities
  • 24-hour house supervision
  • Planned social and recreational activities
  • House and personal anonymity
  • Numerous local support meetings

Our beautiful facility and comprehensive addiction treatment program is the right choice for anyone wanting to start a new life; a choice that offers hope and a future for you and your family.  By applying what you learn at New Found Life, you can build a strong foundation that will help you to continue the lifelong process of recovery.  For more information, please contact us at 800-NFL-9899.