by Leo Booth

I was at New Found Life’s Family Forum and Ed Spatola reached over and asked me, “Spirituality is an aspect of therapy, Yes?”Leo Booth

“Indeed” I replied. “Because therapy and spirituality are both about healing.  Indeed, therapy is an aspect of spirituality.”

That was the conversation that led me to write this article.  All things that are positive and creative reflect spirituality.

Let’s take a quick look:


Most people would agree that therapy nurtures a person into full acceptance of alcoholism and drug addiction.  People move from admitting they have a problem to knowing, deep within the core of their being, that they truly are real alcoholics.  A spiritual word that says the same, and has been around for hundreds of years, is see; Do you really see what is happening in your life?  Jesus, the Christ says: “Having eyes do you not see; ears do you not hear.”  Indeed, alongside the prophets were a group of people that were called seers, and they were given this name because they had full acceptance of the world around them.  Do you see what is happening to you? Do you see that the high is not worth the low? Do you see…?  Only when you can see with a spiritual pair of glasses will you be able to move into acceptance.


Therapy often uses the word transformation, showing how we need to move from one position to another, or from a particular viewpoint to another.  The spiritual word that has been used by all religions is change.  We change because we can. Human beings are capable of changing their attitudes and their behaviors.  Remember the hymn: “I once was lost but now I’m found.”  You don’t need to stay drunk or die because of a drug overdose; thousands of addicts have changed.


In therapy we learn about making a commitment; to our Higher Power, our family and ourselves.  And commitment requires action.  The thought needs to be given feet.  The spiritual phrase for this is staying on the right path. It may not be the only path but it is the right path for you.  How do you know it is the right path?  Because it is working.  There are many paths to God but we need to make a decision to stay on a path, otherwise we will get lost in the forest.  For New Found Life this path involves the Twelve Step program.  It is our path to sobriety.  And it works.  As the Big Book suggests; The main thing, is to keep the main thing…the main thing.




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