Our Levels of Care for Substance Abuse Treatment

Primary Care

Primary care at New Found Life is a 28-day program designed to introduce men and women to the 12-step program of alcoholics anonymous in a safe environment. This intense program stabilizes the mental, emotional and physical status of individuals through psychiatric care, group and individual counseling, physical wellness exams, and individual attention. In doing so, they are able to immerse themselves in a drug and alcohol education program with a clear mind ready to understand the importance of what it takes to maintain a sober lifestyle.

Extended Care

Individuals who complete a Primary Care program may enter into our Extended Care phase of treatment. This phase is open-ended and consists of 28-day segments.  Usually Extended Care averages eight to twelve weeks. While residents still follow the daily routine of counseling, education classes, and 12-step meetings, they take on more responsibility and gain privileges that they integrate into their daily lives.


Outpatient Services

Our outpatient program is designed to provide treatment for those suffering from substance abuse disorders.  Individuals live at home and travel to New Found Life, where they participate in treatment 3-6 hours per week based on their clinical needs. Contact us for a confidential assessment today if you or a loved one needs a structured program that offers:

  • individual and group therapy
  • education classes
  • family support
  • drug screening

This level of care provides guidance, support, and accountability to individuals as they continue to learn and implement lifestyle changes necessary for sobriety.

Our outpatient program may be recommended for adults who:

  •  are suffering from a substance abuse disorder
  • do not require a medically supervised detoxification
  • live within a reasonable driving distance from New Found Life
  • may have completed a residential treatment program
  • are looking for additional support in their early recovery

*All individuals are assessed prior to acceptance into the program.


Residential Continuing Care

Our transitional living facilities provide an opportunity for residents of New Found Life who need a more extended, but less intensive level of active treatment.  This program is intended to fill a gap between intensive residential treatment and returning home.   Services are provided in a supervised homelike atmosphere promoting stabilization and reintegration into the community while also continuing New Found Life’s strong focus on a twelve step program. Residents are invited to live in our sober living apartments, which are located close to the main facility.  Residents return to work or attend school and participate in our Outpatient Program. The goal for our residents at Footsteps is to continue to utilize the tools and skills learned at New Found Life that will allow them to develop a healthy, sober lifestyle.


Family Program

Alcoholism and other drug dependency is an illness that has a profound effect on both the individual and his/her family.  At New Found Life we offer family members an opportunity to learn about the disease and begin their own process of healing through our Family Forum, multi-family groups, meetings and an introduction to Al-anon.