Thank you New Found Life

How do I go about thanking all the people who helped save my sons life? I know it will be a tough road ahead of him but I feel between all of you in your different ways have given him the tools he needs to move forward. He has a chance now, something I feel he didn’t have 6 months ago.

From the first frantic phone call I made to you (sight unseen) in our many moments of crises in November you gave me hope for the first time in 18 years. You sent me Norm, one of the most amazing human beings to come into my life. It has not been an easy journey but you and NFL never gave up on him or us. You have an amazing staff that I feel go beyond the call of duty, Brooke, Johnny, Jeremy, Tracie, Scott, Bill, Richard, Norm, you and of course John F. I know it is an ongoing process but you will be always in our hearts.

Thank you and have a beautiful day, always Pat

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