Addiction Treatment Center

Residential and Outpatient

Long Beach, California

Established in 1993, New Found Life is a gender-specific, residential and outpatient addiction treatment center for men and women recovering from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. We offer Primary Care, Extended Care, Outpatient, and Residential Continuing Care.  For 20 years New Found Life has provided cost-effective, individual care for patients, and support for families and children.

At New Found Life, alcoholism and addiction are recognized as diseases and not as moral failures.  Although chemical dependence is the primary diagnosis for all our residents, we offer a comprehensive, no-nonsense program of recovery that includes psychiatric care, individual and group counseling, life skills training, yoga classes, music therapy, spiritual composure, planned recreation, in-house 12 step meetings and a growth schedule based on all aspects of recovery.  Our program addresses the psychological, physical, social and spiritual needs of the individual.

New Found Life’s beautiful facility and comprehensive residential addiction treatment program is the right choice for individuals beginning a new life.  A choice that offers hope and a future for the individual and their family.  A choice we would make for our loved ones. By applying the tools New Found Life provides, one can build a strong foundation and learn how to continue the lifelong process of recovery. Recovery is possible; recovery is a beautiful thing.

Thank you for a visit to our website.  We hope to share information with you about our facility to help you in this difficult process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide effective drug and alcohol treatment services for men & women.  To demonstrate an alternative way of living where one can embrace life without dependency on alcohol or drugs.

What We Believe

We believe that chemical dependency is a treatable disease and NOT a moral failure. We believe the 12 steps are trans-formative and therapeutic. We believe in clinical excellence. We believe in helping others and being of service. We know that we can help....We know that recovery can be a beautiful thing.

12 Step Model

We believe the basic principles of the twelve step programs to be a successful formula for life. To introduce, reinforce and demonstrate how to apply these principles in daily living is our purpose. Spirituality, personal responsibility, integrity and genuineness are essential tools for a life well lived and re-establishing these values to individuals seeking recovery in a safe environment is what we strive to achieve.